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MES Electromechanical Casting Inc. was established in Esenyurt - Kıraç in 2002 to meet the needs of YILMAZ Group of Companies and the casting needs of our country and the world.

Yılmaz Redüktör A.Ş. and ELK Motor A.Ş. is included in the group and until 2014, the firm only acted within the framework of the needs of the group. With the new investments that started after 2007, a factory with an indoor area of 42.000 m2 in an outdoor area of 101.000 m2 was established in Tekirdağ Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone.

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About Us

MES Electromechanical Casting Production;

  • Gray cast iron
  • Ductile iron
  • Bronze casting

MES Electromechanical Casting has a production capacity of 50.000 tons / year.

Inductotherm dual-track Induction Furnaces were installed in the Melting Section. 

Furnace Ladle Capacities:

6000 Kg / 2000 Kg / 1500 Kg / 500 Kg

Molding Department:

  • Künkel Wagner Automatic Molding Line
  • Sinto FBO-III Automatic Molding Line
  • Resin Molding Line

Core Section:

It has a daily production capacity of 40 tons of core with amine gas cold box core (8 units) and Shell core (3 units) processes.

Design and Model Production Center:

All designed in MES Electromechanical Casting facilities, converting to models, producing and 3D measuring, with its expert staff, CAD-CAM application, CNC machine tools, with its  casting tools over 2500  (long-medium-short), it is regarded as one of the rare facilities equipped to respond quickly to series and all kinds of casting needs.

Quality and Laboratories:

MES Electromechanical Casting Laboratories are equipped with the most advanced laboratory test equipment and measurement control devices according to production processes. 

MES Electromechanical Casting has ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certificate.

MES Electromechanical Foundry is a solution-oriented, modern and alternative foundry with its experienced staff.

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