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MES Electromechanical Casting Inc. was established in Esenyurt - Kıraç in 2002 to meet the needs of YILMAZ Group of Companies and the casting needs of our country and the world.

Yılmaz Redüktör A.Ş. and ELK Motor A.Ş. is included in the group and until 2014, the firm only acted within the framework of the needs of the group. With the new investments that started after 2007, a factory with an indoor area of 42.000 m2 in an outdoor area of 101.000 m2 was established in Tekirdağ Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone.

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The first cast iron production was carried out in the cupola furnace of Yılmaz Redüktör's building in Bayrampaşa.


The casting facility was closed due to the increase in the production of Yılmaz Redüktör and the lack of physical space.


Over time, due to the casting supply and quality problems, the company decided to start mass production of its own casting products and the work to establish a second foundry for the production of reducer bodies started.


Mes Döküm was institutionally established in Istanbul-Esenyurt in a closed area of 2.000 m2 within the Yılmaz Redüktör factory.

Investment plans for casting production were developed by creating professional staff;

Priority target sectors were determined and action plans were prepared;

  • Machine
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Defense industry

Initially, Ductile Iron and Bronze Casting production was started in addition to the production of cast iron.

  • 500 Kg double track melting furnaces
  • 2.000 kg double track melting furnaces
  • Sinto Automatic Molding Line;
    • Degree Dimensions: 600 x 500 x (250/250) mm
    • Line Speed: 120 degrees / hour / Cooling Tunnel: 2 Hours Sand System
  • Quality and measurement Laboratory
  • Model room setup

In Tekirdağ Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, the foundation of the new production facility with an annual casting production capacity of 80.000 tons in 101.000.m2 outdoor and 42.000.m2 indoor area was laid.


Apart from the gearbox bodies, the production of the electric motor body and side parts started.

6.000 Kg double track melting furnaces were commissioned


Künkel-Wagner automatic molding line was commissioned

Degree Dimensions: 1000 x 800 x (350/350)mm 
Line Speed: 80 degrees / hour 
Cooling Tunnel: 2 hours

  • Cold-Box-Kernproduktion :
    • 60Lt CB Core Machine
    • 25Lt CB Core Machine
    • 40Lt CB Core Machine
    • 25Lt CB Core Machine
    • 12Lt Core Machine
    • 10Lt Core Machine
  • Shell Kernmaschinen :
    • At our Shell Core manufacturing facility
    • 3 Shell Core Machines, 8 Lt, 15 Lt and 25 Lt
  • Carbon Dioxide Core (CO2)
  • Water Based Core Molding & Drying

The investment for 1.5 tons of double track melting furnaces was completed.


Domestic and international customer network was developed.


The first export was made to Germany.


The building, land and all mechanical installations belonging to Yılmaz Redüktör were officially registered in the name of Mes Elektromekanik Döküm A.Ş.


Implementation of technological quality investments and investments that increase capacity

  • Koyoma automatic casting grinding machine investment 4Units
  • Creating manual grinding cells
  • Simpson sand cooling system
  • Hartley sand tester
  • Omega semi-automatic resin molding line;
    • Spartan III Mixer: 35 tons / hour - 16.000 Kg Piece at One Time
  • Magmasoft (32 cores) Mold design and optimization program
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